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And green. Others held large feather crests propped up on poles sort of like flags. One of these flags looked like a big white bird with spread wings on a read background. Another looked like a giant green lizard on a yellow background. Each one must have represented a different captain or region that supported Xicotenga. When the Indians saw us their chanting and yelling escalated. Conch shells and other horns began blaring out like the long belches of crusty mountain gods. The entire breadth of the terraced field ahead of us was swarming with brightly costumed natives like a giant hornet's nest. There were easily thousands upon thousands ready to smash to pieces our tiny gang of barely four hundred. We had barely formed a line along the crest of the hilltop before the first of several waves came storming towards us. Their yells and screams were like demon singing. The sounds of their drums and horns pulsed with dangerous intent; warning us all of the blood about to be spilled. Battalions of natives wearing uniforms of yellow and green feathers threw thick stones at us with slings. Some of the rocks were as big as buy instagram followers baseballs. One smashed into the helmet of a soldier in front of me causing his knees to buckle. I ran over to help him up when Ordaz began barking orders to his infantry to form proper ranks. Dress the line! Shields up! The next wave of rocks that came falling in were defended easily by our metal shields. But that was just the beginning. The instagram stones were used as a distraction to allow another battalion carrying spears and bows to run closer towards us. Their javelins instagram and spears were made of long pieces of buy instagram followers tough wood with metal or glass Google heads at the end. Along the sides of the wood were attached jagged pieces of their vicious obsidian shards used to slice and cut. They were ferocious weapons that could nearly draw blood simply by looking at them. Behind the spearmen came buy instagram followers those who carried clubs and broadswords made of wood or copper. They charged with buy instagram followers their shrill yells, their tense bodies decorated with animal skins and feathers as if on parade. Some had strings of human bones jangling from their shoulders like gruesome epaulettes. Others wore contraptions on their backs supporting thin poles that rose up a couple feet above their head. buy instagram followers From these thin poles hung either snake skin designs or stuffed birds configured to look as if they were attacking. The men wearing these contraptions acted as some sort of company leaders. Wherever they moved, groups of foot soldiers would follow them in preparation for a charge. It didn't take long for Cortés and Alvarado to notice who the opposition leaders were and who they should focus their firepower on first. By this time Mesa's four cannons had finally pulled into position. I found a relatively safe spot behind them and helped load the ten pound metal balls by handing them to Garcia and Pucho. They were two of the artillery men firing the first cannon. Juan Garrido had also been recruited to man one of the cannons. He had converted easily from deck hand to artillery troop. His thick afro had been tamed down and braided by some of the native girls. Each cannon had three-man crews: someone to load the ball, someone to stuff it in and someone to light the fuse. The first cannon was short a man so I did my best to help out. Ready! said Garcia after packing down the first